I asked Baby Kathryn’s Mama a few questions about her first days with Kathryn and she was nice enough to even offer some words of encouragement for those of you who are soon to follow in her footsteps. Check out what she has to say below!


Q: What has been the most challenging part of becoming a new mom?
A: Breastfeeding and pumping. I had no idea of the learning curve for mom and baby when it comes to breastfeeding or the frequency. It seems like your whole day revolves around feeding. It’s a lot of work but worth it!

Q: What advice would you give to other new moms in the future?
A: Those first few weeks can be tiring and I would recommend taking all the help you can get from close family and friends. When I say help I mean someone who can do the dishes, do laundry, fill your water, etc… Trust me, you will want those moments in the first few weeks to be more intimate and shared with those you love and trust the most!

Q: What is your favorite product you’ve discovered for pregnancy, new baby, nursing, etc.?
A: I love the boppy lounger! You can prop baby in it and move her around the house with you. I’ve used it when we are sitting on the couch so I can have a free hand while feeding and in the bathroom while I get ready for the day.


Q: Are there any funny or otherwise memorable moments from your first days as parents that you’d like to share?
A: I have to say we had no idea how much babies poop! We had a few blowouts in those first few weeks. One was right in our bed! We just had to laugh and accept this as our new normal. I’ve never done this much laundry in my life!


What about you? Are there any moments from those first few days after you brought baby home, that still stand out in your memory?

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